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Chip-free “Nachos” with Chili-Lime Chicken and Guacamole Recipe

I shuffled through the wet slush to the bus stop outside of the large brick classroom building on campus, following behind the backpacks of my classmates Drew and Norman. The three of us were the only representatives of the nutrition graduate program in a biostatistics class 100 strong, so we stuck together. Drew and Norman were going over the problems on a quiz we had just taken. I suddenly felt really hungry, and so I reached into my bag and pulled out a giant carrot, whole and unpeeled, and snapped off the end with my teeth. Drew stopped what he was saying mid-sentence, and both he and Norman turned wide eyed toward me. “you are just going to eat a carrot, just like that?” it never struck me as odd to snack on a carrot, but suddenly I felt a little embarrassed.

Why is it that certain types of raw produce are deemed acceptable to eat whole, but not others?

In truth, I eat many vegetables whole and raw. There is something deliciously satisfying about the sweet, watery crunch of biting into a red pepper. The smooth soft kiss of a tomato against my lips, and the wonderful garden smell that it brings, is worth the sideways glances of my coworkers as they dig into their lean cuisines. Some drive around with French cigarettes between their fingers, I prefer Persian cucumbers. Is it any wonder that I feel perplexed when people say things like “I would love to eat more vegetables, but I don’t have the time to prepare them”.
Here is what I brought for lunch today. The cucumber, pepper, and apple I devoured raw. The ground beef was leftover from dinner the other night, and I heated it up on top of the mushroom in the microwave (not ideal, but delicious just the same!) Note the fashionable “hopefulls” lunch bag in the back. The Hopefull company is the brain child of two of my friends. They are selling whole foods recipes and popsicle molds for cancer patients, people with dysphagia or otherwise having difficulty eating. Hopefulls make great post WOD (workout) recovery treats, and many of the recipes are paleo.

I underestimated how hungry I would be from my morning run, so I stopped on the way home for a lara bar

and some bison jerky.I washed it all down with a delicious bottle of coconut water. For dinner we had chip free “nachos” with chili-lime-cilantro chicken and guacamole (also pictured at the beginning of this post). The onions and chicken were fried in coconut oil, which gave the whole thing an amazingly delicious flavor. I will post the recipe under the “paleo recipes” tab above.

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