Roasted Chicken For My Roots

Roasted Chicken, Bulbs, and Roots Recipe

A new idea is like a power bar and red-bull smoothie to my mother. It doesn’t matter if the idea ever turns into a project, or if the proposed project even involves her. It’s like her mind just keeps jumping from adventure to adventure. She is perfectly happy to follow through with things (given she is able to enlist a few recruits). Sometimes she leads directly, visibly brandishing her ideas in front of her like a hand compass. Other times she drops her charted map discreetly into a passing conversation, and then praises the founder for his cleverness and cunning sense of direction.

It’s amazing really.

It’s like every chance encounter is a bus stop. My mother simply picks up the traveler and takes them along a scenic highway of conversation, where she might point out several possible destinations that the traveler might like to visit before their journey through life is over.

I mentioned that she gets her energy from ideas. I should specify, it doesn’t have to be her idea. She is pleased to jump on any band wagon, as long as the wheels are rolling. It is for this reason that I was able to convince my 68 year old mother to sign up for her first 5k.

“We can call ourselves team Emily House” I said (Emily House is my parent’s latest project. It is a sober house that they are opening in southern New Jersey).

“YES,” she replied on the other end of the phone. Then she laughed excitedly “I am already designing the T-shirts”.

Of course, mom would never let my father get away without joining in on the fun. In her mind they were already walking together, hand in hand, and surrounded by an army of their closest friends.

So now after a long hiatus, I am getting myself back into racing shape for the ocean drive 10-miler on March 27th. My goal is to beat my last 10 mile time of 1:09:52. My mother and father (and their entourage) will be completing their first 5k, and all of us will be sporting brand new Emily House T-shirts!

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